Journal of Drums

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Wednesday, October 6th. In L.A. Staying at The Grafton Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. Yesterday, randomly met Stephen Baldwin as he was filming a skate video on Melrose Ave. Nice guy, with a crazy look in his eyes. Went shopping in L.A., saw a show at a cool little club.
Today was a full day of rehearsal. In the room next to us, Everlast was rehearsing, and two doors down was Marilyn Manson, who none of us got to see. Gettin ready for Leno tomorrow. Psyched!


  • thats rad, i saw him at lifest last summer, i think he does those skate videos and talks about god and keeping kids out of trouble and stuff, i think thats how it went...

    By *thats*hot*, at 3:14 PM  

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